Registration form for Sukkot Meals at Chabad of Playa 2022

Welcome to Playa!

Come join us for a real and authentic Sukkot experience at Chabad of Playa!

A large and spacious Sukkah with Heimish food in a lively atmosphere.

After the registration you will receive a confirmation email with the times and details of the holidays.

Holiday Dates:

10/9/22 Sunday – Sukkos eve meal.
10/10/22 Monday – Sukkos afternoon meal.
10/10/22 Monday – Second day of sukkos eve meal.
10/11/22 Tuesday – Second day of Sukkos afternoon meal.

Shabbat Chol HaMoed:
10/14/22 Friday night meal.
10/15/22 Shabbos lunch.

Shabbat Times:


If you can contribute the full cost or even add as you heart desires, blessing will come upon you!

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** Pre-registration helps us to prepare accordingly.

Come and bring a friend!
Chag Sameach!
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