Registration form for Passover with Chabad of Playa 2021

Welcome to Playa!

We are very pleased that you chose to celebrate Passover with us at the Chabad House.

Seder night in Playa del Carmen is the largest and most famous in the Caribbean, and every year over 700 travelers participate in a warm and special atmosphere. We make every effort to give you the best Passover experience.
Throughout the holiday – and especially on Seder night – you can enjoy kosher and delicious food, Kosher for Passover supermarket, prayers, classes and more.
In short, come and enjoy 🙂

Holiday dates:

Friday 26/3/21 20:00 – Friday dinner (Shabbat night)
Shabbat Passover Eve 27/3/21 12:30 – Shabbat meal
Shabbat evening 27/3/21 20:00 – Seder night
Sunday 28/3/21 13:00 – Holiday meal
Sunday 28/3/21 20:00 – 2nd Seder night
Monday 29/3/21 13:00 – Holiday meal

Friday 02/4/21 20:00 – Shvi’i Shel Pesach night meal
Shabbat 03/4/21 13:00 – Shvi’i Shel Pesach meal
Shabbat evening 03/4/21 20:00 – Acharon Shel Pesach meal
Sunday 04/4/21 13:00 – Acharon Shel Pesach meal

Shabbat Times:


If you can contribute the full cost or even add as you heart desires, blessing will come upon you!

* Please click on the following button and fill out the registration form.
* You can add meals, as well as multiple people with the “Additional Payment” button on the payment page.
** After registration, all that is left is to go to the Chabad house to receive the entrance bracelet and the full details.
** Pre-registration helps us to prepare accordingly.

 Looking forward to seeing you 😊
Happy and Kosher Passover!
Chabad Team Playa del Carmen – your home in Mexico