Emergency Corona Fund

Your home away from home.

Throughout the duration of the Corona crisis we stayed in Playa Del Carmen as a beacon of light and hope to assist to the local community and stranded travelers and backpackers.

Due to the lack of tourism and movement our income has stopped coming in but our expenses haven’t.
As the new year starts we need help with the basic expenses of keeping up the Chabad house, rent, electricity and food including weekly help packages to the local community.
As the situation is unpredictable we also have to address the challenges of health and security.

We need your Help!

Through your help and the help of your friends and family we will be able to start off the year properly!

Your small donation of $50 or $100 could bring us to long distances.

You could participate in a one time payment through the button below or a recurring payment by clicking on the link.

For additional details and questions we are here for you at Chabad or at Rabbi Brods personal cell at +52 984-1163-980

Have a sweet and healthy new year