American Kosher

Kosher Restaurant Information - Playa del carmen

The American Kosher hashgocha was established about 10 years ago to enable kosher food for tourists visiting places where there is no Jewish community and kosher food.
The hashgacha works in cooperation with Chabad houses in the area, and is managed by the Chabad local Rabbi.
Today the hashgacha operates in several branches in Mexico, as well as in Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Panama.

In Playa del Carmen you can find the following Kosher Restaurant:

Chabad House Restaurant: 20th Avenue, between Juarez and 2nd (Meat)

Mas Pan Restaurant: 6th Street between 5-10th Avenue (Dairy)

Two Smokers Restaurant: 5th avenue corner of 38th (Meat).

Moshe Cube Restaurant: Constituents Avenue between 20-15 avenues (Meat)

Chik Chak Kosher supermarket: 20th Avenue, between Juarez and 2nd

Hilula bakery: 20th Avenue between 6th and 8th

The kashrus system in the city is under the supervision of Rabbi Chaim Brod, who has been serving the Chabad House for 13 years.

Each of the mentioned businesses have a designated ‘mashgiach’ that visits at the beginning of each day,
The mashgiach lights the fire, checks eggs, leaves, beans, flour, etc.,
And during the day, the mashgiach walks in and out physically, as well as checks the cameras frequently.
(Except for the Chabad House restaurant where Hashgocha is at the standard of “mashgiach temidi “(full time mashgiach)

The meat restaurants are Mehadrin Beit Yosef, in the shechita of the ultra-Orthodox communities in Mexico City.

In the dairy restaurants the milk is only cholov Yisroel.

All other products are kosher according to the MEHADRIN standards of the ultra-Orthodox communities in Mexico City.

For any questions or inquiries, please contact Rabbi Chaim brod
[email protected]

We wish you a fun, safe and kosher trip.